Monday, November 3, 2014 Issues Alert-Decktech Inc of Grover Beach Draws the Ire of CSLB-Referred to Legal Action for Alleged Violations

CSLB is a consumer protection agency that investigates claims by consumers regarding contractors licensed by the agency to perform construction. Most times when they investigate they have arbitration's that aren't subject to public disclosure.

It takes some really egregious violations to get referred to the state Attorney General's office for civil or criminal prosecution, but DeckTech handily managed to so so.

If you look up DeckTech's license at CSLB (796956) you'll see that they are in the sights of the AG and what charges they face-five total, ranging from taking to large a deposit to abandoning the job to being paid to much for the work they performed. Yeah, bad stuff.

DeckTech also has a pending suit against them by a client who filed the complaint with CSLB.

Be very careful about contracting with Decktech and be aware that if their license is suspended or revoked, your "warranty" will only be useful as toilet paper.

Remember, never pay more than 10% or $1,000 down as a deposit. Never pay a contractor unless you get a conditional lien release from them. Never pay in advance for work that isn't done. See CSLB's website for more information about protecting yourself as a consumer.

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