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Re: Inquiry

Hello Dave,

Our email chain is now online at for the whole world to read and comment on...

You have a D-12 license. Don't duck and dodge. 

You think it's ethical to refer a business partner as a consultant on a matter that concerns your product? See waterproofingsuperstore partners listing attached. I'm not questioning Mark Marsch's ethics, I'm challenging your ethics in referring someone who has connections to you.  

Your wife Carol is a beautiful Russian lawyer? Wow, I thought she was a nurse with a permanently suspended license - at least according to documents online she is. Or did you divorce Carol and remarry?

  I'm flattered that you think I have a bromance with you but that's just your bi side flaring up I guess huh? I'm interested in seeing what dirt and skeletons you have that you don't want anyone to know about. 

I'd love it if you tried to sue me.
 I'd label it as a SLAPP and that's the first thing that would get heard...and then I'd post all the documents up on my site. 
I'd subpoena everything you have. And I put out the REFCO case and the Scott Schmutzer case out as proof that you are a liar. As in, "the court finds you less than credible" liar.

 So go ahead. Do it. I'd slap you down as NCS has no standing to sue in California as a suspended corporation... and I'd publish it all. 

So you see Dave the truth is  a defense and as you know it's really tough to prove libel and slander...especially in your case, you are a semi-public figure in the deck industry...and have a history. 

By the way, I never applied to be a applicator while you were there as I wasn't a licensed contractor then...and  you can try to throw Tim McDonald under the bus all day long but it won't work. When Mer-Kote got bought out, got rid of you and cleaned up, I became an applicator. 

A question...were you working for Mer-Kote as a salesperson between 6/20/1997 and 6/20/2002  while at the same time was apparently an owner with WICR? 

Another question-why when you were a member of RCI as a consultant where you using WICR's fax number? I find that peculiar. 

So anytime bro, anytime you want to file, let me know so I can get the press ready!  

Bill Leys-The Deck Expert
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On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 3:19 PM, David <> wrote:

Interesting Bill….  Let me clarify for the record.  You are NOT in any way shape or form, qualified or capable to act in the capacity as an expert!  In fact if you did not know, you have an irrigation license… (also known as a synthetic materials licenses). And for the record,  I don't contract for waterproofing installations with my licenses, although you apparently do and last I checked, it's illegal to contract without the proper license…! But this is your problem and one that I am sure you, as an self-proclaimed expert, will address before the industry or your three clients learn about it.. 


Mark Marsch's left pinky is more qualified and more ethical than you can ever wish to be.  Therefore, to suggest your client use Mark was the best thing your client can hear from me or anyone in the waterproofing business.  Unethical, not a chance….  Mark is an independent consultant and does not work for me… but then again since you like to intrude into other people's business, you should already know this.   By the way, why are you so fascinated with me anyway, you know I am straight and married to a beautiful Russian lawyer, don't you?


Bill, to be clear, my business and my personal information is NONE of your business and not something I will share with you.  Therefore, let me be perfectly clear, should you  even attempt to interfere with my business, slander or liable my name (Krubinski or Mazor), or companies in any way or cause any harm to my reputation or that of my companies, I guarantee I will personally sue you into bankruptcy and even your lawyer brother will not be able to defend you adequately.  Think about it Bill, aren't you broke or just about broke and have nothing except the hole you pay rent?  You know, bankruptcy and legal fees will consume the  remainder  of your piggy bank and your perceived reputation?   Also do you really want to go down this road with me and burden your brother with years of legal fights just to satisfy your own twisted belief that you are a self-proclaimed expert who by the way is lying to the three or four readers of your web site… or for some reason to attempt to discredit me or my companies for your own wired reasons…? 


I'm sure you're still upset because neither Tim McDonald of Merkote or I would approve you to install our coatings.  But you just need to get over it…  I do not want to do business with you because you lack experience, finances and you are extremely unethical and Tim McDonald was the one who denied you as an applicator.  I had nothing to do with his decision.


I suggest you go find a ball to play with in the street and simply leave me alone as I want nothing to do with your fantasy world.  Play expert all you want as I really don't care, just leave me out of your games.






From: Bill Leys []
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2013 1:37 PM
To: David
Subject: Re: Inquiry


Hi David,


Thank you for your reply. Thank you for your recognition of my above where you said "we do believe you are a qualified waterproofing contractor experienced enough to opine on waterproof coatings."  


The client is well aware of the relationship between DeckTech and myself competing against each other and they will independently verify any claims I've made through other independent experts. 


I will again reiterate my invitation to you to tell me what statements I've made about NCS or DeckTech are not true? I again offer to remove any statements that I've made that are shown to be untrue or incorrect. But if the statements aretrue, well the truth hurts and no one likes their lies exposed.  


In regards to #1 above, it seems to me I'd want to be involved when it's your product being represented...if you don't want to be involved  well, we just might report that so the buying public can consider that as part of their buying decision. 


In regards to #2 up above, one persons idea of causing trouble for someone is another person's idea of shining a light into the dark underbelly of your business. A client of yours via DeckTech is asking questions that you don't seem to care to answer in a forthright manner. Perhaps that's because you know what problems you'll see if you have to show up at the job? As the old saying goes, a little sunshine is the best disinfectant. You don't like what I say because you can't  refute it, you can only try to "duck and dodge" the issues. 


Speaking of being unethical; wouldn't you consider it unethical to recommend a current and former business partner as the "independent expert" the client should talk to? I almost keeled over laughing  when they mentioned Mark Marsch's name...


In regards to #3 above, I am whether you like it or not, recognized as an expert on this subject. What matters is recognition by others of one expertise and I have that so go cry in a bucket. 


In regards to #4 above, your goal is to not answer my questions. I understand, answering my questions would only raise more...well I'll get my questions answered one way or another. Once I get them and verify them, I'll publish them.


I don't need anyone's blessing to let me police the industry. I'll decide if I want to do that.    


All you can do is deflect the questions by trying to say I'm not properly licensed, but yet again, I'll  point out that you have a D-12 license as well...

My website,despite your opinion, is very popular and I get many compliments on it. Again, you don't like your sleazy shit being dragged out of it's hole and posted on my site for everyone to see.


So let me ask you a few other questions- 


when do you expect to have your corporate status become active again with the SOS in CA? It has been suspended for several months can you operate when legally you can't? 


Why are you changing your name on the Nevada contractors board from Krubinski to Mazor?  Do you hold any licenses in CA under Mazor? I see one under ICR Services for Krubinski and one under "David Mazor" here in CA.  


I appreciate your response to the above requests for information.


Thank you







Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 10:45 AM, David <> wrote:



I guess you really don't understand my previous emails to you,  therefore let me try one more time:


1.       I do not get involved in disputes between contractors and their clients, regardless of the product unless I am hired as an expert in a litigation case.

2.       I do not discuss Nevada Coatings clients with any third parties, especially with those who only wish to cause problems for others.

3.       I have noted to you in the past, you are NOT an industry expert and DO NOT police the coatings industry. 

4.       As I have noted to you previously, neither Nevada Coatings or I will discuss our company and clients with you, neither will we engage in your games. 


Also, let me take this opportunity to readdress my previous comments to you. You are not an approved Nevada Coatings applicator and we do believe you are a qualified waterproofing contractor experienced enough to opine on waterproof coatings.  Certainly you are not a qualified Waterproofing Expert and more importantly, you have not been asked by any manufacture in the waterproofing industry to opine on their coatings or police the industry in general.    What you are is an improperly licensed contractor who misinforms the public with a bogus web site  attempting to impugn the creditability of legitimate manufactures and contractors. 


Bill, why don't you do the right thing and inform your "client" that you are actually competing against Deck Tech and can only provide a biased opinion, which is wrought with misstatements and untruths?


I would also greatly appreciate if you would leave me and my company alone and delete us from your email contacts.




From: Bill Leys []
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 12:48 PM
To: Info Nevada Coatings
Subject: Inquiry


A client of ours hired Deck Tech to install Nevada Coating Systems Extra Tough system. 


When Deck Tech arrived they applied a product from buckets labeled Carboline. Carboline ET 


Can you confirm or deny that this is an authorized product that is a suitable substitute for NCS Extra Tough or is this an unapproved substitute? 


Does Nevada Coatings actually manufacture product or simply resell under a private label or open source?



It appears that the mil thickness  applied is apx 8-12 mils instead of the 45 mils minimum as specified in the tech bulletin at  


Thank you


Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

NEW PAPERLESS FAX # 805-856-1528 (by Hello Fax)

805-545-8300 Central California

424-235-3196 S California

831-244-0874 N California  gallery of concrete flooring, installed by CCW

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